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The power of CAMplus
  • Contours created interactively via easy-to-understand pictograms
  • Variant design for the easy editing of contours
  • Bidirectional CAD interface (DXF, IGES)
  • Help structures, measuring function (point determination)
  • Integrated calculator to support the inputting of values
  • 3D presentation with zoom in any perspective
  • Work plan not dependent on the control
  • Tool management inc. cutting data
  • Standard blanks and any blanks
  • Clamping means taken into account
  • Milling steps: surface milling, contour milling, plain milling, plunge milling, slot milling, chamfer milling
    • Clearing of pockets and milling round islands with contour-parallel coverage up to 99%
    • Remaining material detection
    • Free choice of start and finish points and a variety of starting and finishing strategies in contour milling
    • Automatic chamfering
  • Turning steps: roughing, plunge roughing, smoothing, plunging, trimming, thread turning
    • Angle of clearance and rigging angle taken into account in calculation of the material to be machined
    • Remaining material detection
    • Free choice of traverse paths with any start and finish points
  • Drilling steps: centering, drilling, reaming, countersinking, threading, drill finishing
    • With optimised rapid traverses
    • With NC output as cycle where appropriate
  • Machining on a variety of workpiece planes in one working step
  • Handwheel step for the creation of individual paths (inc. contour protection)
  • Special machining operations can be realised as macros (on request)
  • Calculation of time, volume and mass
  • Setup sheet
  • Large number of post-processors available
  • NC editor
  • Optional control-specific simulator modules
  • Data transfer from NC programs to the machine(s) via the serial interface (individually configurable)
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